51: Blaize Blouin (RIP) Farm Ramp 1st place Halloween Jam

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3 Responses to 51: Blaize Blouin (RIP) Farm Ramp 1st place Halloween Jam

  1. mike coyle says:

    when i met blaze blouin in 1988 or 1989, he was the most consistent skater i had ever seen! rarely ever bailed…the thing i remember most was his sweepers where he leapt at least 8 feet across if not more and smacked his tail so loud it sounded like a shot gun being fired and his front side rock and rolls which were very stylish!! all the time with a look on his face like he was just cruising….he won the st pete nsa contest in 88 or 89…i was up and coming skater at the time (got 25th place, or was it 35th?? lol) but he was dominating but i still remember him cheering me on and being super friendly guy…he was good friends with clint deaton at the time…anyway, he beat lonnie rieder(sp?) to take 1st place in the nsa contest! glad to see a site with vids and pics shredders to forever memorialize them!

  2. Paul Wiz says:

    Man, Blaize was style. Period. Coming up on ten years since he rolled out. Slob fastplant forever!


  3. Dan says:

    A fresh faced kid with wild hair who flew across the lip. I only saw him once, but I’ll never forget it.

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