The House of Steam!!

The House of Steam Logo

Here are some Links to our favorite posts!

East Coast pride by Tom Groholski 2007

Christian Hosoi at The Barn ramp? Dennis Kane sets the record straight

Noside (Edison NJ) Skate Jam 1986 Derek Rinaldi and Mike Vallely

Rodney Smith contributes to the Noside Skate Jam Discussion (Steve Kasper does a street plant on a cop car) and adds a little history about the dawning of The SHUT era too!

“What about the Captain?” Bernie O’Dowd writing about Team Steam’s Capatain John Ballon and good ‘ole’ En-Jay.

Nothing like a beautiful (snake) session on a September afternoon.


1 Response to The House of Steam!!

  1. Just looking to see if anyone can help me find info about my cousin Sean Miller. I named my first son after him. May He Rest In Peace.

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